National conference on "The Role of Faculty in Nar

National conference on "The Role of Faculty in Narrative Building and Reconstruction of Society" successfully concluded at the main auditorium of Area Study Center jointly organized by Pakistan Study Center, Area Study Center and Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center. The main purpose of the conference was to highlight the importance of the role of teachers in inculcating positive and creative thinking in students.

The program was attended by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees, Director Pakistan Study Center Prof. Dr. Fakhrul Islam, Director Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center Prof. Dr. Rashad Ahmed Saljoq, Director Area Study Center Prof. Dr. Shabir Ahmed Khan and former Special Assistant to Chief Minister KP Kashif Irshad. Of Addressing the conference, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees said that the survival, integrity and development of Pakistan lies only in the fact that we consider this country as our home as a whole, regardless of our affiliation with any sector.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees said that every teacher should treat his students like his own children so that the students do not remain indifferent to any essential science in education.

Dr. Fakhr-ul-Salam while quoting the statistics of students, universities and teachers in Pakistan said that if a teacher leads only ten students in a straight path in which intolerance, extremism, the importance of the role of students in the development of the country and I teach brotherhood then peace can be established in the whole country and the country can move towards development.

 In his address, Kashif Irshad (former Special Assistant to the Chief Minister KPK) said that about 59 per cent of Pakistan's population is youth, which is more than half of the young generation if they demand positive thinking and patriotism. The country can be free from hundreds of crimes, curses and evils.

 Prof. Shabbir Ahmad Khan, Director, Area Study Center, in his speech said that Afghanistan is the brotherly country of Pakistan in which peace is tantamount to peace in Pakistan. Director Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center Rashad Amad Saljoq while explaining the clauses of the Paigham e Pakistan, said that Pakistan was founded on the basis of Islamic ideology, and today there is a need for teachers to teach students along with other sciences the causes of extremism, religious harmony and other social evils so that these same students can perform their duties in the future with positive thinking and brotherhood.